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Payroll Processing Calendar

The monthly payroll processing calendar is available using the link to the left. A PDF version is also available for the Calendar Year 2018

Payroll Deadline Schedule Legend

Pay Run ID Run IDs indicate to the system which pay calendar entries to process together.

Generally, all calendar entries that share a pay run ID have the same pay end date, but not necessarily the same pay frequency.

Run IDs are comprised of 8-characters. The first four characters denote the Calendar Year. The fifth through sixth characters denote the month. The seventh and eighth characters denote the run in month.
Pay Day The day on which checks and direct deposits are issued/available.

The second column shows the Payroll Release Date, or PAYDAY! This is the day that checks will be available at Payroll to employees, and direct deposits will be available in bank accounts.
Mgr Approval / HR Entry Deadline Deadline for time approval and employee data entry. Employee data-entry includes Human Resource entry and Employee Self-Service functionality.

Human Resources should be contacted to determine specific deadlines for document receipt to allow ample time for data-entry completion by the Payroll Deadline.
Pay Advice / Confirm Projected deadline Payroll Run ID will be confirmed and pay advices available.

Retro-distributions should be submitted by deadline.
Commitment Accounting Projected deadline for Commitment Accounting to be completed.
EE & Vendor Payments Employee and vendor payments are initiated by deadline.
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