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Direct Deposit Instructions (Multiple Accounts)

Direct Deposit is the fastest and most convenient way to receive your paycheck. It eliminates lost or stolen checks as well as trips to pick up and deposit checks. To get started, all you need is your ULID, password, and bank account information. Bank account information can be found on a check or obtained from your bank. You can select multiple different bank accounts to send funds. Do not use a deposit slip or debit card number.

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Employees who desire to update their direct deposit via Employee Self Service (ESS) must be on an Illinois State Network, or using a VPN which can be obtained via the IT Helpdesk at (309)438-4357.

Go to MyIllinoisState. Sign in using your ULID and password. Click “Direct Deposit”.


Direct deposit add or edit changes are allowed if done within the same calendar date of the initial deposit add or change. Direct Deposit reorder and delete changes cannot be completed on the same calendar day once add or edit have occurred. If you attempt to make additional changes after the initial entry date, you will receive a message on the Direct Deposit page stating the deposit changes are not allowed. You will first need to complete the validation step with Payroll. 

1. Complete the requested fields. Use '+' to add and to delete accounts, select the row and 'Remove'.

Example of Add or Edit Direct Deposit page: 

DirDep Routing Acct1

Assign a description to name your account.

Routing Number

This number is the nine-digit number in the bottom left corner of your check. A routing number NEVER begins with “5.” DO NOT copy the numbers from a deposit slip. These usually are not valid. After entering the routing number, tab to the next field and your bank name should populate. Verify the bank name is correct.
*If you are not sure what the routing number is, contact your bank.

Account Number and Retype Account Number

Series of numbers found at the bottom of your check following the routing number. Do not enter your debit card number – this is not your account number.
*If you are not sure what the account number is, contact your bank.

Check Example
Account Type - SELECT ONE
  • Checking - I want my funds deposited to my checking account.
  • Savings - I want my funds deposited to my savings account.

*If you are not sure which one to choose, contact your bank.

Deposit Type - SELECT ONE

Amount - I want a specific dollar amount of my net pay deposited to this account.
Percent - I want a percentage of my net pay deposited to this acocunt.
Balance - I want the remainder of my check deposited to this account after Amound and Percent deposits are made.
*One of the accounts must have a deposit type of BALANCE.


Amount - Enter the dollar amount you would like us to deposit.
Percent - Enter the percentage of your net pay you would like us to deposit.
*If BALANCE is chosen this field can be left blank.

Deposit Order

The order in which you would like us to deposit your net pay (i.e. Deposit Order "1" will be deposited first, "2" will be deposited second, "last" will be deposited last.)
*The account that has the deposit type of BALANCE should have 'last' for Deposit Order. 

Example of Direct Deposit to Two Accounts:

DirDep Routing Acct

2. Review your bank & account information to ensure it is accurate.
3. Click “Save.”
4. Save Confirmation page will appear. Click “OK.”
  After submitting your desired direct deposit elections, employees are required to contact the University Payroll Office at (309) 438-7677 to validate the transaction prior to final approval of transaction occurring.

Until direct deposit transaction is approved, a check will be issued for any payment processed during time period between transaction being initiated and approved.

Please allow at least one pay period for your changes to reflect on your paycheck. If you need assistance or have any questions, call the Illinois State University Payroll Office at (309) 438-7677 or e-mail

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