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Optional Twelve-Month Plan


The twelve-month optional payment plan is available to tenured, probationary tenure-track, non-tenure track, faculty associates and administrative/professional (A/P) employees when they have a nine (9) through less than twelve (12) month appointment. Academic Personnel Regular Pay or Academic Personnel Administrative Increment will be included in the distributions of the twelve-month optional payment plan.

Summer school appointments, irregular payments, faculty overload appointments and faculty extra pay are excluded from the calculation of the twelve-month optional payment plan and paid according to the time period of the assignment.


Employees electing the twelve-month optional payment plan must file a signed payment election authorization form with the University Payroll Office prior to the start date of an eligible appointment. Elections filed after the start date of an eligible appointment will be effective on the first date of the next eligible appointment. An election will remain in effect indefinitely until revoked. Revocation elections can be made at any time by completing a signed revocation of payment election on the payroll authorization form with the University Payroll Office, but the revocation will not become effective until the first date of the employee's next eligible appointment.

  • Employees must give a written election to notify the employer that he/she wants to spread out the compensation.

  • Election must be made before the beginning of the work period (i.e., before the first day of the school year).

  • Election must be irrevocable, so that it can’t be changed after the work period begins.

  • Election must state how the compensation is going to be paid if the election is made (for example, ratably over the 12 months starting with the beginning of the school year).

Payment Distribution Period

If the twelve-month optional payment plan is elected and all criteria stated above are met, the employee's salary will be paid over twelve months beginning from the initial date of the contract. Each payroll advice will report the total funds earned but not paid.


The twelve-month optional plan is based upon a liability factor. Thus, when the terms of a contract change, the calculation will self-correct in the pay period the change is entered.


In the case of retirement or separation, settlement will be made with any separation payout.


In order to opt in to the twelve-month optional plan, fill out this form and deliver it to the University Payroll Office by mail or in person, by fax 309-438-3357, or by secure form Dropbox Sensitive Form Submission.