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Direct Deposit

Enrolling in Direct Deposit is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Obtain your bank information
    - Bank routing and account number

  2. Enroll online using Self-Service
    - Must be on campus or using ISU VPN

  3. Validate with the University Payroll Office
    - Call (309) 438-7677

To comply with NACHA rules, please advise the University Payroll Office if you receive your pay via direct deposit at a U.S. bank and intend to transfer the entire payment amount to a bank in another country.

In order to enroll in Direct Deposit, you may use Employee Self-Service through MyIllinoisState, or fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and return it to the University Payroll Office.

Employees who desire to update their direct deposit via Employee Self Service must be on an Illinois State Network, or using a VPN which can be obtained via the IT Helpdesk at (309)438-4357.


Routing Number

The routing number is the nine-digit number in the bottom left corner of your check. A routing number NEVER begins with “5.” DO NOT copy the numbers from a deposit slip. Usually, these are not valid. 
*If you are not sure what the routing number is, contact your bank.

Account Number

The account number is a series of numbers found at the bottom of your check following the routing number. Do not enter your debit card number – this is not your account number.
*If you are not sure what the account number is, contact your bank.

Check Example


Direct Deposit enrollment for payroll purposes is independent of Student Accounts and Business Office. To receive Student Accounts and Business Office payments via direct deposit, please visit the sites below.

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