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Student Payments

The majority of payments or transactions made to students are considered to be compensation or financial aid (scholarships). These materials are intended to help you determine the nature of your payment and the University process for requesting approval of or reporting the payment.

The Student Payment Determination Flowchart is intended to provide information to steer users towards the ISU office responsible for administering various types of student payments used at ISU. The Flowchart is intended as a guide, and is not all inclusive. The Student Payment - Tax Reporting document includes the student payment types referenced in the Flow Chart to describe the category of student payment. Each category has specific processing requirements & tax reporting obligations.

Determining student payment types is dependent on the facts and circumstances of each case. Please contact the office listed for each payment type to determine if your proposed student payment meets the requirements of the category. However, if you are unclear on which office to contact first, then please contact the Comptroller/Payroll office for guidance at 309-438-7677.

Student Payment Types
Ilinois State Office Payment Type Phone Website
Financial Aid Scholarship
Tuition Waiver
Human Resources Volunteer
Graduate Assistant
Student Employee
Extra Help
Comptroller / Payroll Fellowship
Vendor Payment
Research Study Payment
Reasearch and Sponsored Programs Site Agreement / Third-Party Employment 309-438-2528